There are many local and regional clubs representing every variety and species. A number are listed here, and this will be added to and updated regularly:

Budgerigar Society

Scottish Budgerigar Society

Spangle Budgerigar Breeders Association

The Rare Variety & Colour Breeder Society

Lutino & Albino Breeders Society

Variegated Budgerigar Club

Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders Association

Crested Budgerigar Club

Edinburgh Budgerigar Society

Aberdeen Budgerigar Society

Cornwall & Truro Budgerigar Society


Umbrella organisation is The Canary Council types:

Border Canaries

Coloured Canaries

Fife Canaries

Gloster Canaries

Irish Fancy Canaries

Lizard Canaries

Norwich Canaries

New Variety Canaries

Old Variety Canaries

Yorkshire Canaries

Crested Canaries

Canary Colour Breeders Association

The Border Convention

The National British Bird & Mule Club

British Softbill Society

Eastern Federation Of British Bird Fanciers.

London & Home Counties British Bird & Mule Club

North East British Bird, Mule & Hybrid Club.

Severn Counties Foreign & British Bird Society

South West British Bird & Mule Club

Staffordshire British Bird & Mule Club

Welsh British Bird & Hybrid Club

The National Bengalese Fanciers Association

North Derbyshire Foreign, British Bird & Mule Club

Northumberland and Durham F.B.S.

Severn Counties Foreign & British Bird Society

Eastern Counties Foreign Bird Society

Foreign Bird Association

Foreign Bird League

Java Sparrow Society

Luton Bird Fanciers Society

Manchester and Northern Bird Fanciers Society       

The Waxbill Finch Society

Yorkshire Foreign Bird Society

Zebra Finch Society