Ingredients:  50% canary seed, white millet, panicum millet, red millet, vegetable oil.

This is a perfect balance of high protein canary seed blended with soft white millet and small, easily digestible panicum millets rich in carbohydrates. This blend is used by many top winners and breeders as the base for their feeding regime.

Champions Choice

Ingredients: 60% canary seed, white millet, panicum millet, red millet, vegetable oil.

A similar blend to Expert but with the % of canary seed increased to 60% for those who want a little higher protein. Vegetable oil, which we use in all these blends, also increases the feeding value.


Ingredients:  50% canary seed, 50% white millet, vegetable oil.

A traditional base mix of 50% canary and 50% soft white USA millet. There may be only 2 ingredients in this blend but they are the finest quality available so this is an excellent base feed mix, to which can be added other seeds when required. When wanting to increase the protein levels, mix in Types 22 or Type 88 - you can also mix in Type 44 - this will give a good level of smaller panicum millet (note that the Types can be fed separately).


Ingredients: 30% canary seed, 70% white/yellow millet, vegetable oil.

This is a balanced, higher carbohydrate mix and is eminently suitable for pet birds.


Ingredients:  white/yellow millet, canary seed, red millet, vegetable oil.

Pet and breeding birds going through the moult need a high carbohydrate blend. This has been specially developed for this purpose and is ideal, with ingredients which also ensure a good balance of B vitamins, protein, essential amino acids, and iron. It is also good as a maintenance mix for pet birds, and should be supplemented with millet sprays, cuttlefish bones, and Type blends twice a week.

Mixed Millets

Ingredients: white millet, panicum millet, red millet, Jap millet, vegetable oil.

A high carbohydrate, low fat blend of all millets including USA white millet and small panicum millet. The red millet is similar in nutritional value to the white but the Jap millet has the highest proteins and is the most easily digestible. Millets provide around 11% protein by weight and are rich in B vitamins, especially niacin and B6 plus folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Useful as a compound feedstuff to which higher protein seeds and softfoods can be added as required for the individual needs of each bird.


Ingredients: white millet, canary seed, natural groats, red millet, panicum millet, Jap millet, hemp seed, linseed, vegetable oil.

A quite excellent blend combining key ingredients for proteins, dietary fibre, digestibility and carbohydrates. Higher oils and fats in the base mix is achieved by adding hempseed and linseed. This also boosts omega 3 and vitamin E uptake [for cardiovascular health and smooth muscle growth]. Then we blend in naturally occurring groats to increase protein value and provide dietary fibre. Plus use of all main millet types maintains digestibility and carbohydrate levels.

This mix can be used as an ad lib base mix at all times - there is no need to add Type conditioning seed mixes but do use with softfoods and germinating seeds whenever necessary.

Budgerigar Type 22

A protein pick-me-up for Budgerigars. Compound feedstuff to be fed as part of the diet and should not exceed 15% for pet birds but can be increased to 25% in breeding or aviary birds as required.

Ingredients: Jap millet, panicum, red milletseed, hempseed, niger seed, naked oats, aniseed oil.

A high proportion of Jap millet is included because this is the best variety when chicks are in the nest and contains the right proteins for fledglings. Can also be fed to bring birds into breeding condition and at times of stress - moult particularly. Pet birds would benefit by being fed this mixture every other day in a separate feeding pot or finger drawer but the container should be taken out in the evening - don’t feed ad lib. See Scottish Type 88 for more information on naked oats, or groats.

Scottish Type 88

A compound feedstuff for Budgerigars. To be fed as part of the diet and should not exceed 15% for pet birds but can be increased to 25% in breeding or aviary birds as required.

Ingredients: naked oats, panicum, canary seed, white milletseed, red milletseed, pinhead oatmeal, niger seed, rapeseed, whole linseed, mawseed, hempseed, aniseed oil.

A different approach to a protein pick-me-up mix for Budgerigars. We were asked to put this blend together by top breeder Robbie Knox. The recipe has a high proportion of natural groats. These are better than the groats which have been stabilised and give a higher protein content. In traditional varieties of oats the kernel or groat is surrounded by a thick husk that lowers the energy value of the grain. In naked oats the kernel threshes free from the seed at harvest thereby increasing nutritive value. Naked oats contain around 30% more protein (typically 11-13%) and 40-50% more oil than hulled varieties. Use much in the same way as Budgerigar Type 22, although it is advisable to feed separate seed pots of Jap type millet at the same time as this Type when youngsters are in the nest.

Favourite - With Egg Biscuit (For Canaries)

Ingredients: canary seed, black rapeseed, linseed, niger seed, hempseed, yellow cereal biscuit. Additive (in the biscuit only): colourant.

Canary seed is of Mediterranean origin, and may well have taken its name from the Canary Islands. Coincidence or otherwise, it is the perfect seed for canaries. It is soft and easily digestible and high in both protein and required fats. This blend balances the seed with black rape (omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids for cardiovascular and healthy growth), hemp (omega 3), linseed (vitamin E) and niger seeds (amino acids and calcium). Also contains delicious egg based biscuits.

Please be aware that if you are keeping or breeding specifically for colour factor canaries other than yellow, then our Canary Breeder or Canary Light mixtures without biscuit would suit your birds better.

Please note all of our blends for Canaries can be fed ad lib - feed as required if you like - unless stated otherwise.

Canary Breeder - No Egg Biscuit

Ingredients: canary seed, black rape, niger seed, linseed, naked oats, hempseed, wild seeds.

This blend uses the tried and tested formula of 2 parts canary seed and 1 part rape. This produces a perfectly balanced base mix for breeding birds. To this we have added a variety of other seeds to enhance the nutritional variety and values. By including niger - traditionally believed to help prevent egg binding - hemp, linseed and natural groats we can enhance protein levels, omega 3 and omega 6, antioxidants, vitamin E and also dietary fibre. We have also added some 30 different naturally occurring wild seeds and grasses to provide trace elements and essential amino acids.

Please note all of our blends for Canaries can be fed ad lib - feed as required if you like - unless stated otherwise.

Canary Light/Show - Without Rape

Ingredients: canary seed, niger seed, linseed, naked oats, wild seeds.

This is 70% canary seed without rapeseed or hemp seed so is a lighter, lower fat blend, and will help prevent fattening.

This blend is also excellent for show birds because it promotes calmness.

Please note all of our blends for Canaries can be fed ad lib - feed as required if you like - unless stated otherwise.

Canary Type 44

increased to 25% in breeding or aviary birds as required.

Ingredients: Jap millet, rapeseed, whole linseed, hempseed, mawseed,  niger seed,  perillaseed, sesame seed, aniseed oil.

A blend of many highly nutritious and easily digestible seeds to provide a high protein and oil content mixture for use as a high energy seed supplement. When fed as a part of the complete diet, the variety of seeds used in this mix will enhance the uptake of Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, omega 3, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Sesame seed helps the blood system and mawseed the digestive tracts. Perilla is a herb rich in vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acid.

Feeding this blend will help bring birds into breeding condition and will help them through the moult. Use should be decreased at times of rest or maintenance.

If fed to pet birds, feed separately every other day.

Please note that germinated seeds are of great benefit to canaries and we have a special blend - see page XX for information and details.

Please note all of our blends for Canaries can be fed ad lib - feed as required if you like - unless stated otherwise.

Foreign Finch

A compound feedstuff for tropical finches. Ingredients: panicum, white milletseed, canary seed, vegetable oil.

50% panicum millet (small seed) means this mix is highly suited for small topical finches. This is a highly nutritious blend and don’t be fooled by the fact it only has three ingredients. They are the best available including soft white millet from the USA - this is the finest quality and the most easily digestible of proso millets. The high percentage of panicum millets makes it a very good blend for Gouldians and Cordon Bleu.

ABZ Finch Mix

Ingredients: canary seed, white millet, Jap millet, niger seed, panicum, red milletseed, red panicum.

This mix was originally formulated for Australian Waxbills, Bengalese and Zebra finches (hence the name). It is now fully updated, with extra ingredients for enhanced balance and nutritional content. It utilises the finest millets, so you get all the amino acids and proteins available in Jap millet, highly digestible soft white millet, red millet and both yellow panicum and the fine red panicum.  To the best available canary seed we also add niger for its oil, amino acid and calcium content.

British Finch

Ingredients: canary seed, rapeseed, niger seed, wild seeds, linseed, naked oats, hempseed and Jap millet.

Formulated for British and European finches and for the many permutations which exist within this most important of bird species. This is a blend of high protein canary seed with a selection of oilseeds well known for their antioxidants, vitamin and mineral content and omega 3 fatty acids. Also includes natural groats  - for their protein and dietary fibre - and around 30 naturally occurring wild seeds and grasses for trace element content. This is a nutritious and easily digestible blend, greatly enjoyed by British Finches for its variety and texture.

There is no specific Type for Finches because they do very well indeed on our Type 22 blend with its 50% content of soft jap type millet. They will also relish germinated or sprouted seeds - see details of our Seed for Soaking.

Quail Mix

Ingredients: white millet, canary seed, pinhead oatmeal, chick crumbs, red millet, jap millet, vegetable oil. 

While these ground feeders will be happy to feed from seed mixes in mixed aviaries they will do much better and will thrive with a higher protein, species-specific feed. Ours has been developed using many smaller and softer seeds blended with pinhead oatmeal and high protein chick crumbs. Pinhead oats, from which the oatmeal is made by chopping or grinding into small pieces, are made by passing whole oat grains through steel cutters which chop each one into three or four pieces. Since they still contain the whole grain including the oat bran, pinhead oats are very nutritious.

This blend is good for all Quail including Chinese Painted, Japanese Coturnix, and the larger US varieties.

Aviary Mix

A compound feedstuff for mixed Aviaries containing several bird species.

Ingredients: canary seed, rapeseed, linseed, niger seed, white millet, panicum, red millet, naked oats, paddy rice, safflower seed, small striped sunflower.

While we provide feeds for each individual species, many birds can happily live together in mixed aviaries. As preferential feeders they won’t stick to their own feeds if offered separately but will seek out what is available to them and what more dominant species will allow. Therefore, a single feed offered in multiple feed areas is a better option. This blend of 11 ingredients is designed especially for this purpose including all seeds readily taken by Budgerigars, Canaries, Finches and Parakeets.



We do a huge range of specials and non-blended foods – everything from plain canaryseed, through whole linseed, blue mawseed, honey dipped banana slices, tic beans, and so on. About 125 products at the moment, excluding the eggfoods, pelleted foods, and mineral and other supplements. Please contact us if you have a special requirement and we'll do our best to help.

Plain canaryseed 20kg
White milletseed 20kg
Panicum milletseed 20kg
Japanese millet 12.75kg
Red milletseed 20kg
Sunflower hearts - bakery grade 12.75kg
Medium striped sunflowerseed 10kg
Small dark sunflowerseed 12.75kg
White sunflowerseed 10kg
Black sunflowerseed 12.75kg
Safflowerseed 12.75kg
Hempseed 12.75kg
Black rapeseed 12.75kg
Whole linseed - triple screened 12.75kg
Blue mawseed 12.75kg
Niger seed 12.75kg