What's the secret of good avian nutrition? Simple. The right menus, the best ingredients, careful preparation, cleanliness, hygiene. You might say that birds in the wild put up with substantial levels of dirt and general rubbish so isn't this how they operate? Yes they do because they have to, not because they are designed to do so. They don't thrive on this sort of diet, they exist, because at best such substances have no nutritional values - for example, containing elements which birds simply cannot metabolize so they waste huge amounts of energy trying to do so - and at worst, can be toxic.

This is why we treat avian food preparation at a level you would normally see in human food preparation. In fact, we have been told by the food industry that our standards even exceed theirs. But so far as we are concerned, this matters. We are feeding the most important and vulnerable species, be they in the wild or not. In brief this is what Johnston & Jeff foods are all about...

  • the right ingredients
  • sourced for quality and correctness not price - generations of knowledge behind everything we do
  • the right menus and mixtures
  • the right textures
  • species-specific
  • each formulation designed to produce the correct level of nutrition
  • cleanliness
  • seed and nut types cleaned individually
  • remove mould, dust, impurities, grit, chaff, and industrial substances
  • checked for quality - 10 times
  • purity level 99.9% - unique