Right means:

  • top quality
  • selected for each type of bird so that the correct level of nutritional values are taken up with every beakful - these are the values which ensure that birds thrive, reach, and maintain peak condition - example: we use specialist grades of cereal such as Jap type millet and not the broomcorn types which are harder and don't suit young birds at all
  • the blends - same principle - correct blends to suit each species and in the right proportions - example: a Galah mixture should be low in sunflower otherwise the bird will become anxious and hyper
  • clean foods - why is cleanliness so important? because impurities such as mould, dust, grit, chaff and industrial substances get into the non-human food chain, and these cause damage in a number of ways, from reducing the food content to virtually nothing - so the bird starves even though it's eating - through to being the cause of death



Right is also about the condition of each ingredient, where it comes from, how it is handled before it gets to us. Some companies buy parcels of equal ingredients on price alone, and buy whatever they can, regardless of source and condition. That's not our way. We have a network of partner growers, and they all know exactly the type and quality of product we will accept - without exception. They know not only because we have built up relationships with them over many years, but because we have visited farms not just in the UK but wherever the ingredients we want are grown - in counties such as Australia, Canada, North America, France, and Holland. We have looked at everything with them - the way crops are grown and harvested, handled, packed and shipped. Seeds must not be damaged in any way, or get damp through condensation or poor storage - this reduces the nutritional value, and degrades the seed. It might cost a bit more to do this properly and take more time to get right, but such care means that these ingredients reach the final stage of their journey already surpassing the standards met by others. And then they go through our extensive cleaning and grading process.



We once unwittingly upset a Canadian sunflower grower by telling him that although he was providing his sunflower to a 99% purity level, even so the produce would be cleaned and graded until we were completely satisfied. It was difficult for him to accept that we didn't feel 99% was good enough.

As far as the fruit used in our Parrot food goes, we just buy human consumption grade. Now. There are two types of this grade. There is the type which is in date and is sold to people for their own consumption. This is what we use. Then there is the type which is either of date or has been rejected after processing by a cereal or chocolate bar factory. And it has been rejected for a reason. So we don't want it either.

One more thing you should know. Sourcing and buying at Johnston & Jeff is under the direct control of the MD, it's that critical.

The MD is Richard Johnston. Truly, every product has his name on it. And that name is your guarantee.