Johnston & Jeff was set up in 1880, originally as an agricultural seed merchant, by George Gilchrist Johnston and Richard Hunter Jeff - the present MD is Richard Johnston, great-grandson and 4th generation of the first Johnston. His daughter Maddy, also works for the company in the Marketing department.

The company's ethos was simple - it did everything right. Product quality had to be absolute, there was no compromise, either then or now. The focus then was on the quality of produce off the field. Now the company also applies its ideals to:

  • sourcing of individual ingredients world-wide
  • quality of individual ingredients
  • cleanliness - Johnston & Jeff have built the most advanced seed cleaning operation in Europe
  • blends and mixtures - each is species-specific and designed to produce the correct level of nutrition
  • there are generations of knowledge behind all the company does, and it adds to that knowledge [especially the science] all the time - it's more than just the science however, this family is serious about birds, their conservation, welfare, needs, and care
  • and so supports and is involved with, bird societies and avian specialists

End result - we do what no other bird seed company does.

We develop each one of our blends to give the right levels of nutrients, richness and variety. We clean seed and nuts types individually and to a purity level of 99.9%. We don't use additives, we don’t use cheap fillers. We only use top class ingredients, and many of these are human food grade.

Why? Simple. We want our birds to thrive, to be strong and healthy, whether they be pigeon or parakeet, sparrow or starling, chicken, canary or cockatiel. True, pure nourishment is to way to achieve this, and that's exactly what we provide.